ECOBAG Designed Bags

ECOBAG conceptualizes and sell bags and gift boxes in jute canvas, personalized and refined packaging, which enhances your logo, your corporate image, transporting them all over the world on a support that meets current and strong expectations, Ecology and Natural matter.

Custom burlap / jute bags

Because the packaging bag is not a simple container but your best advertising and reflects the image of your company, Ecobag makes for you bags made of burlap personalized with your logo and your measurements. The richness and variety of our range guarantee a particularly refined, unique and robust gift packaging. 

The Ecobag reusable burlap and jute bag combines your corporate image with a concept and a material with current values:

Promotional bags

Build customer loyalty by offering a promotional bag

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Cotton bag

ECOBAG offers promotional cotton bags or cotton tote bags with your logo on it. Your customers will appreciate receiving this natural, durable and reusable bags. They will use it like daily bags. There cotton bags are very popular, in the city as in the countryside. By offering your promotional bags, you will spread your band around your store and retain your customers. The selected cotton is very high quality. Whether you are a shop, a producer of fruits and vegetables, a media library, a fashion boutique... The promotional cotton bag is a niwe way to communicate around your store!

Our references

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Discover our range of cotton bags / cotton tote bags. We work a lot with town halls, to provide cotton bags to media libraries, cotton library bags or cotton bags for city halls. Cotton bags can be used as a loyalty gift or as a promotional item. Cotton bags can also be distribued at events or festivals. Cotton tote bags are an excellent advertising product. We can also offer certified organic cotton bags, do not hesitate to specify when you apply. Local producers also want cotton tote bag to distribute to their best customers. Cotton tote bags are practical : they take small place and avoid plastic bags. Offer cotton bags to your best customers to increase their fidelity! The cotton bag or cotton tote bag is fashion, in town as in countryside! We are specialized in customizing cotton bags. All our cotton bags can be personalized with your logo. They are available here. We can also make custom cotton bags. Discover our personalized ECOBAG cotton bags, for your media library, library, bookstore, souvenir shop, local producers, fashion boutique, grocery store, pharmacy ... Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote !

1.Choose your bagFrom a selection of customizable templates
2.Send us your graphic elements
3.Your quote sent within 24h
4.Receive your personalized bag sample within 20 days