ECOBAG Designed Bags

ECOBAG conceptualizes and sell bags and gift boxes in jute canvas, personalized and refined packaging, which enhances your logo, your corporate image, transporting them all over the world on a support that meets current and strong expectations, Ecology and Natural matter.

Custom burlap / jute bags

Because the packaging bag is not a simple container but your best advertising and reflects the image of your company, Ecobag makes for you bags made of burlap personalized with your logo and your measurements. The richness and variety of our range guarantee a particularly refined, unique and robust gift packaging. 

The Ecobag reusable burlap and jute bag combines your corporate image with a concept and a material with current values:

Promotional bags

Build customer loyalty by offering a promotional bag

Sacs et emballages cadeaux pour professionnels

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Library jute bag

  • Sales of Library jute bag

Library jute bags are useful and practical for your members. They will come spontaneously to your library with their jute bag to be able to return the books and borrow again.

The library bag is an excellent communication project, because your members will wear it not only to go to your media library, but also to go shopping and to go to market.

Your library tote bag format can carry both novels, dvd CDs, but also comics that have sometimes dimensions quite atypical for traditional bags.

Thus, your members will not damage your books because this library bag is really suitable for the transport of every books formats!

Jute bag caracteristics (SB 201)

  • Dimensions: 35x42x17 cm
  • Interior reinforcement
  • Nice and practical cotton handles
  • Supports more than 15kg
  • Life time: more than 3 years
  • This jute bag can be personalized with your logo!

Your jute bag 

  • Sustainable
  • Respectful of the environment
  • Economical and Reusable



  • Dimensions : 35x42x17 cm
  • Format : cabas
  • Renforcement intérieur
  • Anses en coton longues pour porter à l'épaule
  • Pochette à l'avant en juco (mélange de jute et de coton)
  • Charge utile : 15 kgs
  • Durée de vie : + de 3 ans
  • Sac cabas jute personnalisable

Points forts

Sac cabas durable

Économique et Réutilisable

Respectueux de l'environnement

  • Choisissez votre sac

    Choisissez votre sac

  • Envoyez-nous vos  éléments graphiques

    Envoyez-nous vos éléments graphiques

  • Votre devis transmis sous  24h

    Votre devis transmis sous 24h

  • Recevez votre  sac personnalisé  sous 20 jours

    Recevez votre sac personnalisé sous 20 jours

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