ECOBAG Designed Bags

ECOBAG conceptualizes and sell bags and gift boxes in jute canvas, personalized and refined packaging, which enhances your logo, your corporate image, transporting them all over the world on a support that meets current and strong expectations, Ecology and Natural matter.

Custom burlap / jute bags

Because the packaging bag is not a simple container but your best advertising and reflects the image of your company, Ecobag makes for you bags made of burlap personalized with your logo and your measurements. The richness and variety of our range guarantee a particularly refined, unique and robust gift packaging. 

The Ecobag reusable burlap and jute bag combines your corporate image with a concept and a material with current values:

Promotional bags

Build customer loyalty by offering a promotional bag

Sacs en jute Collectivités

  • Sales of Sacs en jute Collectivités
  • Sales of Sacs en jute Collectivités

Référence SB 203 RT

Sacs en jute personnalisé référence SB203

Caractéristiques sac en jute SB 203

  • Dimensions : 20x25x15 cm
  • Format : cabas
  • Renforcement intérieur
  • Anses en coton agréables et pratiques
  • Durée de vie : + de 3 ans
  • Sac toile jute personnalisable

Votre sac en toile de jute

  • Durable
  • Respectueux de l'environnement
  • Economique et Réutilisable